Good Tasting, Good Feeling

We make beer to get the good times rollin'.

Grab some cans for a night in, or join the party in our taproom. Whether it's a heavy hitting West Coast IPA, a crispy lager, or a gluten reduced treat, we're sure you'll find something for everyone.


What's more, we're an independent family-owned and operated brewery that handcrafts small batches just for you. Cheers to that!

"I had the Lagerish and so far I'm blown away. Great job guys. I can't wait to try the others!"

Dan P.

Nova Scotia

"Just gave a can of Party Line to a UPS driver. You'd swear I gave him $1000! His expression was priceless! He loves craft like I do."

Paula D.

Nova Scotia

"If even half of Candid's beers are this good [as the No Brainer], it will certainly give me one more reason to make the two hour trek to Antigonish to try them all."

Besotted Beer Reviews

Nova Scotia

"Outstanding. Super impressed. I spent so many years in the southwest that I'm super picky about my west coast IPAs. Yours (Humdinger) is spot on. Well done."

Ian S.

Owner, TAPestry Beer Bar

Nova Scotia

 "I have Crohn's disease ... I was very happy to try your beer because it actually tasted like beer...The best part was, no headache next day... 

Anyway, I can go on and on explaining why your brewery is awesome."

Carlos A.,

British Columbia

"The Altbier (Town Crier) is the best!!! So excited it's a regular!"

Kim B.

Nova Scotia

"Although I was mainly interested in, and really enjoyed, the IPA and the Pale Ale, I was very impressed with the remaining beers in that six pack. Every one was of a higher quality than most new craft beers I’ve had in a long time. I was really pleasantly surprised by their “Summer ale“ (Glory Days). I expected a typical “yellow beer“ or blonde ale type of thing, but it was a very complex, hoppy and flavourful beer and light in alc/vol too, something I’ve come to appreciate more and more. :) So my compliments to Candid Brewing. I will continue to look for them in future!"

Bruce M.

Nova Scotia